Richard Colombo

Richard is the Pete Seeger of Portland. His enthusiasm for accessible music makes him an exceptional teacher, and his dedication to community building through music, along with his own beautiful compositions, makes him an Oregon treasure.
— Anne Weiss, Musician, Teacher, Songwriter, Community Activitist
Richard is a true example of a fine musician and community activist who brings positive change to Portland one song at a time. His work at Artichoke Music, along with his inspirational original songs and tireless efforts to help other musicians, have been a beacon of encouragement for folks in our area and beyond.
— Tom May-Producer, "River City Folk"

As a songwriter, Richard brings hope and inclusiveness wrapped in melodic joy and harmonic richness. He is a natural leader, a connector of souls on their musical journey. Whether he is playing a rousing anthem of peace or a playful old-time ukulele ditty, he draws us into that life-affirming oasis we call community.
— Dan Rhiger, Musician, Producer, Engineer, studio Owner Composer